Excursions to Lovcen



Lovcen is associated with mountain serpentine, Christian relics and incredible panoramas from a bird’s eye view. Set on the journey through ancient Cetinje, Lovcen national park and picturesque village of Negushi where our guide will acquaint you with the main natural treasures and history of Montenegro. You will visit the ancient Cetinje monastery full of Christian relics and behold the whole country from a panoramic platform on the top of the mountain, learn all the most interesting facts about Montenegrin culture and taste traditional local delicacies.



  • Tour to the ancient capital, Cetinje (incl. Cetinje Monastery, relics of St. Peter, Art Gallery).
  • Visitation of Lovcen national park.
  • Passing along the winding road giving a wonderful view of Cetinje and its surroundings.
  • Examination of the picturesque village of Negushi
  • Tasting the famous Negush cheese, several types of rakia and delicious prosciutto.
  • Lunch hour in the national restaurant of traditional cuisine.
  • Visit of local stores to purchase local delicacies and souvenirs.
  • Surmount 25 serpentine loops.
  • Photo-pause for admiring the best views of Montenegro.
  • Visitation of a large fish store and a supermarket with the lowest prices in Montenegro.

Accommodation & Rates

We offer a number of apartments in Lovcen where you are able to freely relax and not be harassed by a low-quality service. Here, you can cook your own wonderful breakfasts and dinners with local products and drink delicious wine on an open terrace. Rest in the private sector is not only convenient, but also profitable. To rent an apartment in Lovcen in advance, you need to book it on our website.


Features: Sea View, Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, Full Size Bed

From 350.00 / Per person

Features: Garden View, Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, Full Size Bed

FROM 850.00 / Per Person

Features: Sea View, Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, Full Size Bed

FROM 750.00 / Per Person


Prepare for your workshop

In Montenegro, you will be met by Anatolia Aparthotel representative with a sign. All holidaymakers are advised to stay close to their group and wait for the rest of the group to pass passport and customs control. After all the members of the group have gathered and are marked off in the list by the guide, the group goes to the bus. During the transfer from the airport to the hotel, the guide will answer all your questions and inform you about the time and place of the meeting where you will receive full information on the procedure for staying in the country. In case of any problem, please contact the representative of our company.



We would be glad to accompany you during the whole acquaintance and breath-taking adventure in Lovcen. Generally, the tour starts in Budva. The transfer is included in the tour price. We will be traveling on a new car of comfort class which accommodates 4 passengers. The excursion ends up late at night leaving you to admire the beauties of night-time Lovcen and have a rest in a luxury suite.

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If you want to cancel reservation, you can do it by using online cancellation function or by contacting us directly. Cancellations 48 hours before the day of your arrival are free of charge. If you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before the day of arrival, you will be charged the cost of the first day of your reservation.