European Breakfast

It goes without saying that breakfast sets the pace for the whole day. With this in mind, we accurately prepare a menu for each breakfast to create a little piece of art on your plate.  Everyone will choose a morning snack for his or her own taste and preferences. Both lovers of substantial breakfasts and adherents of dairy products and cereals will definitely find something to their liking.

Drinks and Meals

The menu of our comfy snack bar is represented by dainty dishes cooked of best quality meat and fish, as well as by various drinks that are suitable for kids and adults. Each guest can order a full dinner or supper in a snack bar to enjoy delicious soup, meat dishes, and fish with grilled vegetables or burger with French fries.


ANATOLIA Lounge Cafe

7AM - 10PM

Our guests can feast on the delicacies of our snack bar throughout the day. We cannot deny ourselves the pleasure to show you our best culinary abilities.

Restaurant in Montenegro ANATOLIA Lounge Cafe Becici - Budva 2.jpg
Restaurant in Montenegro ANATOLIA Lounge Cafe Becici - Budva 5.jpg