Excursions to Durmitor



We invite you to make an exciting excursion to the national park of Montenegro, Durmitor. What is the national park of Durmitor? In winter, people come to Durmitor to ski. There is a well-known ski resort in this national park. And in summer, Durmitor is a popular place in Montenegro where tourists from all over the world come to travel and explore local attractions.



  • Djurdjevic bridge.
  • Photo-pause near Tara River canyon, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.
  • Bridge entertainments: riding over the abyss on the bungee.
  • Shopping: souvenirs, honey, rakia, etc
  • Lunch hour in the national restaurant of traditional cuisine.
  • Black Lak on the territory of Durmitor.
  • Boating.
  • Unforgettable tour to Pivsky Monastery.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

The old cities of Montenegro (Kotor, Budva, Cetinje) and Saint Stefan
During this tour, we will introduce you to some of the oldest cities in Montenegro. You will find out who and when founded them, their history from the Illyrian times to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and further to socialist Yugoslavia. We will walk along the old streets and visit all the historical places in the city.


Waterfalls and mountain lakes of Montenegro
From the sea coast of Montenegro, we will be going north to the mountains for 1 hour where it is easy to breathe even in the heat of August. The canyon of the river Tsarevna and Moraca, waterfalls and mountain lakes with natural landscapes of incredible beauty will definitely leave you breathless. We will have lunch in the national restaurant at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level.


Monastery Ostrog, Cetinje Monastery
Ostrog Monastery is the most visited monastery in the world after Jerusalem and St. Athos. We’ll accompany you to visit Cetinje Monastery renowned for the right hand of John the Baptist, as well as the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord on which Jesus Christ was crucified.


National evening (Montenegrin wedding)
We invite everyone to the Montenegrin national evening. Just within a few kilometers from Budva in a cozy restaurant, our folklore evening begins its show. You will hear folk Montenegrin songs, see traditional dances performed by young men and women in national costumes.


Mount Lovcen, Negushi village and Cetinje
Do you want to plunge into the history of the country? Visit the ancient Montenegrin capital, Cetinje and the legendary Cetinje Monastery! Explore peaceful Negushi that gave Montenegro its legendary rulers and taste delicious prosciutto and Negush cheese.


Prepare for your trip

When choosing a trip, it is better to contact well-known tour operators. This will reduce risks and guarantee a high level of service and safety. In addition, self-respecting travel agencies cooperate with professional guides only that are able to tell about ancient rock art and features of modern architecture, for example. Some excursions include long pedestrian crossings and require good sports training. Another point that must be clarified before buying a voucher is what to take with you. It is better to make a list of necessary things in advance and then proceed to preparation.



We would be glad to accompany you during the whole acquaintance and breath-taking adventure in Durmitor. The transfer is included in the tour price. We will be traveling on a new car of comfort class which accommodates 4 passengers. The excursion ends up late at night leaving you to admire the beauties of night-time Durmitor and have a rest in a luxury suite.

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